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We plant a tree for every order, and often on special occasions (like our Green Friday campaign) we plant 10 trees for every order. We work with Eden Reforestation projects, the worlds most prolific and successful tree planting initiatives who work in areas around the world most damaged by deforestation. So many the historical climate catastrophes can be directly linked to deforestation, and the importance of reforestation is huge.

Eden projects work is mostly in developing countries, who are most likely to be affected by climate change. They empower local people by employing them and providing a way out of oppressive poverty by reconnecting with nature and their local environment.

The affect of their work can be seen not only in the reforestation of the land but in the quality of lives of those they employ who rediscover the connection and love of nature that they have worked to restore and protect.

Eden projects carefully curate reforestation projects to rebuild the once existing forest, using native species and working with the land, for instance rebuilding Mangrove vales along the coast of Madagascar that provide a nursery for sea life as well as locking up carbon from the atmosphere.

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