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What are natural flavorings?

Natural flavourings are a concentrated flavour enhancer added to food products to help give depth and richness to a flavour palette. The official definition of a natural flavouring is as follows:

“‘natural flavouring substance’ shall mean a flavouring substance obtained by appropriate physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes from material of vegetable, animal or microbiological origin either in the raw state or after processing for human consumption by one or more of the traditional food preparation processes listed in Annex II. Natural flavouring substances correspond to substances that are naturally present and have been identified in nature.”

In summary, a natural flavouring combines different compounds derived from substances found in nature, for example fruit, vegetables, or nuts. It goes without saying that none of our natural flavourings contain anything from animal sources. The substances are then combined to create the concentrated flavour enhances that are used in food substances.

Natural flavourings are only used in tiny amounts, so the consumer exposure is relatively low. The European food standards agency (EFSA) has confirmed that natural flavourings have a long history of safe use in a wide variety of foods.

Why do we use natural flavourings?

Our products are predominantly made from and flavoured by natural whole food sources. This is a value we stand by and pride ourselves on. When making powdered products on a bigger scale, it is unfortunately difficult to rely on just the whole food sources for the flavour. This is where there comes a need to use a small amount of natural flavourings to enhance the depth and richness of the flavours.

Are all natural flavourings good quality?

Not all natural flavourings are made equal. The natural flavourings you may find in a poor-quality brand will not be to the standard that you would find in premium brands products, as is the case for many ingredients.  

Natural flavorings are used in many food products - some healthy and some not so healthy. This can often mean alarm bells ring when looking at any products ingredients and seeing them listed. Determining the quality of the natural flavourings in a product is very difficult as even the bad quality natural flavourings are allowed to be called natural! This becomes confusing for the consumer, and its up to the companies using the better quality natural flavourings to encourage faith in the integrity of their brand, that they would only use the best quality, most natural “natural” flavourings.

So how are our natural flavourings better?

We use the best quality natural flavourings we can find. They are produced in the UK, GMO free, and like all our products/ingredients are subjected to rigorous testing where we test for heavy metals and contaminants such as fungicides and pesticides.

We do understand that some of you would prefer not to use products with natural flavourings in. For those of you we offer our VEGAN PROTEIN in an “unflavoured” version. This product gives you the protein content, and you can flavour and sweeten yourself to your preference, it can even be used in savoury dishes. bear in mind that it is not totally tasteless, and has the natural earthy flavour of the protein blend.

Our MAGIC medicinal mushroom lattes range also does not contain natural flavourings.


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