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PERFORM PRO is a specialized version of our already existing protein powder, PERFORM. There are only a few changes, the first being that every single batch of Perform Pro is tested with Informed Sport, a quality assurance testing program for sports nutrition products. Informed Sport test and assure that sports supplements are suitable for professional athletes, military personnel, public healthcare workers, or anyone who needs that extra stamp of assurance due to their profession. The second change is that we have swapped out hemp protein for pumpkin protein, this is to meet testing standards set by Informed sport.

How does this differ from the original Perform?

We have always had standard third party tested for heavy metals, fungicides, pesticides and other impurities and are confident that our products do not contain any banned substances. We recognize however that professional athletes and some other professions require the absolute stamp of assurance that Informed Sport testing provides.

The key principles and product design of Perform remain exactly the same. It was born from the need of an ultra-pure, effective and delicious plant-based protein where no expense was spared to ensure the superiority of ingredients and rigorousness of testing. The two key differences are that every single batch of Perform Pro is tested by Informed Sport, and that we have swapped the hemp protein for pumpkin protein to meet the testing criteria.

Are the products the same fundamentally?

As the name suggests Perform is our sports performance focused protein powder. After many years of research, trying and testing different formulas, introducing new exciting ingredients, we are confident that Perform is the perfect companion to any sports person’s nutrition. The innovative ingredients when combined provide powerful support to training and recovery.

The product provides a balanced amino acid profile containing all 9 of the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). These are the amino acids we must obtain from our food and, where appropriate, supplements because our bodies cannot create them ourselves. Perform also includes an additional 6g of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), these are a little sub-group of the EAAs, the 3 amino acids most associated with anabolic adaption (muscle growth after exercise stimulus).

These principles apply exactly the same in regard to Perform Pro. The only differences are those highlighted in this article.

What do Informed Sports test for?

Informed Sports test for any banned substances that would flag up on an athletes routine testing. This would also apply to public sector workers and military personnel who may be required to undertake substance testing for their work.

Do I need to use Perform PRO over Perform original?

If you are a professional athlete, public sector worker, military personnel or any other profession that requires you to undergo banned substances testing, then you can rest assured knowing that Perform Pro has undergone the rigorous testing and has the seal of approval from Informed Sport.

For regular (non-professional) athletes and sports people, and everyone else, Perform original is perfectly suitable.



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