Why does the label of All-In-One say it is a meal replacement?

Georgina Roberts Updated by Georgina Roberts

All-In-One is not a meal replacement on its own without being added to a smoothie, at only around 150 calories per serving (flavour dependant) of powder it does not have enough calories to equate to a meal with just the powder. However, with a balanced macro/micro nutrient profile it makes a great base on which to create a delicious, nutritious, high calorie shake! We appreciate this is confusing as it states that is a meal replacement on the label, however this is purely due to legislation reasons and by law the government requires it to be classed as a meal replacement. Here at VIVO we have very different ideas about what constitutes a meal however! We absolutely do not recommend skipping meals and replacing them with a low calorie powder by itself. We believe there is no substitute for real food and All-In-One should be used in conjunction with a balanced whole foods healthy diet. We recommend adding All-In-One into a smoothie with bananas, oats, nut butter and any of your other favourite fruit like berries and plant milk to create a nutrient and calorie dense shake that is going to help fuel your days.


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