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Our Vegan Protein blend was the second protein powder to our range, we wanted to offer a pure protein that keeps things simple that would lend itself to more versatile usage like baking etc.

Vegan protein is a blend of cold pressed hemp, bio fermented pea and pumpkin protein. This blend provides a balanced amino acid profile whilst being easy on the digestive system and with subtle nutty flavour hints under the different flavour profile.

Vegan protein comes in 3 flavours: Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Coconut. The Madagascan vanilla used gives the vanilla flavour a creamy, ice cream like flavour whilst the dark chocolate is rich and indulgent. Our newest flavour cocoa coconut uses the same cocoa powder with added coconut flavour! We also offer vegan protein in an unsweetened, unflavoured version. This is for those who prefer not to use stevia and like to flavour their shakes to their own preference! The unflavoured version is not completely tasteless, it has the natural earthy taste of the protein blend. The unflavoured version is also great to use in savoury dishes like pasta sauces or soups, bumping up the protein content of your dishes.

Our Vegan Protein contains the following:

Per 32g serving:

Calcium - 35mg

Iron - 8mg

Sodium - 370mg

Potassium - 150mg

The ingredients are simple and effective:


Amount if applicable per 30g serving

Functional/flavour benefits


Vegan protein blend:

Cold pressed hemp, bio-fermented pea, pumpkin protein

20g in total, the blend is largely pea protein blended with the hemp and pumpkin to optimize the EAA balance

Pea, hemp and pumpkin protein are superior plant-based proteins. Easily digested, highly bioavailable. More sustainable choice. Plant proteins abundant in micro-nutrients.

Minimal processing drying, grinding of peas – flash sterilization required

Hemp is pressed and milled – minimal processing.


Cocoa powder


Indulgent chocolate flavour

Fermentation, cleaning, drying and grinding of cacao beans


Madagascan Vanilla powder


Rich vanilla flavour.

Pods are ground to expose seeds inside.


Konjac fibre


Konjac fiber is natural alternative to emulsifiers, derived from a root vegetable. Its function is to ensure smooth distribution of ingredients within the pouch/scoop.

Raw material is soaked, ground, vacuum dried and sieved



Pink Himalayan Salt

A small amount to balance flavour profile.

Rich in trace minerals.

Washed, sun dried, crushing and sieving.

Himalayas - Pakistan

Stevia extract (steviol glycocides)

We use a strong extract, so the amount per serving is very small

Stevia is a natural alternative to sweetener or sugar. Derived from the plant species Stevia Rebaudiana

Water extraction and purification


Natural Flavourings

A small amount to balance flavor profile


Our natural flavourings are of course only derived from plant

"‘natural flavouring substance’ shall mean a flavouring substance obtained by appropriate physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes from material of vegetable, animal or microbiological origin either in the raw state or after processing for human consumption by one or more of the traditional food preparation processes listed in Annex II. Natural flavouring substances correspond to substances that are naturally present and have been identified in nature."



Certificate of Analysis

Here at VIVO we third party test all our products for accuracy and purity. Here are the results for our Vegan Protein flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main difference between Vegan Protein and Perform?

The key difference between Perform and Vegan Protein is that Perform is a sport performance orientated protein powder, whereas Vegan Protein is a far simpler blend of pea, hemp and pumpkin protein with a few added ingredients for flavour. Perform has a meticulously balanced macro/micro nutrient profile with a superfood complex designed to maximise performance and recovery from sport and exercise, whilst Vegan Protein is aimed more at those wishing to boost their daily protein intake, but who may not have such a focus on sport performance.

  • Can I use Vegan Protein in savoury foods?

Yes! The unflavoured version of Vegan Protein works perfectly for savoury dishes. Try stirring it into a pasta sauce or blending into a soup for a higher-protein meal.

  • Is Vegan Protein suitable for children?

Vegan Protein is made of natural whole foods, but the product is designed with adults nutrient needs in mind. We recommend consulting with a doctor or pediatric nutritionist for advise of suitability or dosage for children.

  • Can I use Vegan Protein when baking?

Yes! Vegan Protein works perfectly in bars, cookies, muffins, pancakes and more. Use it whenever you want to bump up the protein content of your favourite treat!

  • Does the unflavoured version taste like anything?

Yes, the unflavoured version has the natural earthy taste of the protein sources. This will be masked as soon as you add the powder to your favourite sweet of savoury recipes.

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