Why is the B12 in the Vegan Multinutrient so high?

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Our bodies only absorb a fraction of the B12 that we consume. The most up to date literature on B12 shows that we absorb approximately 1.5mcg through a process called intrinsic factor, and then a further 1-2% of the total amount through a process called passive diffusion.

Therefore, if you consume 100mcg of B12 (4000% RDA), then you only absorb 1.5mcg (intrinsic factor) + 1 to 2 mcg (passive diffusion) meaning that a total of 2.5 - 3.5mcg is absorbed (75 - 120% RDA).

Our Vegan Multinutrient provides 20mcg of vitamin B12, split up into two daily dosages of 10mcg, to optimise absorption through intrinsic factor whilst ensuring you consume a safe and effective amount of vitamin B12.

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