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Heavy metal contamination in our food and supplements is a very concerning issue. Irresponsible farming practices such as use of herbicides and pesticides has meant that many mass farmed ingredients contain alarming amounts of contamination, which finds its way into our diet. Different areas of the world are more affected than others, and we always try our upmost to source ingredients from areas less effected. Our ingredients are sourced from chemical free farming, and from suppliers strictly vetted against our high standards, we do not accept ingredients without a compliant COA (certificate of analysis). There is unfortunately still an inevitable risk of contamination, which is why we implement heavy metal testing on all our products to ensure they fall way below the amounts that cause concern.

Each product is tested at the point of formulation for heavy metals (as well as herbicides and pesticides) and then once the formulas are confirmed and in production, the product is then sent for third party analysis to be tested again for contaminants. We send the products routinely every year for these tests, or more often if we change an ingredient or supplier.

We were once anonymously tested (we had no idea they were running the testing!) by world renowned laboratory LabDoor who test supplements for contaminants (heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides etc) and accuracy (nutritional info). They rated us in the top 10 in the work for purity and accuracy, and we were the only plant-based company in that list.

Heavy metal testing is not common practice in the supplement industry, with many off the shelf brands not even giving it a second thought. We take purity of product very seriously here at Vivo Life, we all use the products ourselves and would never compromise on quality or purity for the sake of profit. The latest COA’s for all products can be found on the product pages of the website.

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