Why are some of the minerals in All-In-One only at 30% RDA?

Kat Hoyle Updated by Kat Hoyle

All-In-One is designed to be a great base for a nutritionally dense smoothie. It does not contain every essential nutrient however it has got your back for a lot of them! The reason some are only present at 30% is because All-In-One is designed to fit in with your whole foods plant based diet from which you will make up the remainder of this % nutrients. In combination with whole, nutritious foods (and maybe even some of our other products like Supergreens) you will be able to obtain most of your essential nutrients daily quite easily. The minimum requirement for a nutrient to be in a product at a functional dose is 30% so that will always be the absolute minimum a nutrient is present. We recommend adding All-In-One into a smoothie with bananas, oats, nut butter and any of your other favourite fruit like berries and plant milk to create a nutrient and calorie dense shake that is going to help fuel your days.

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