Isn’t Collagen from animals?

Kat Hoyle Updated by Kat Hoyle

Yes, conventional collagen supplements are derived from animal sources so are not suitable for a plant-based diet. True collagen is not found in the plant kingdom, however when we consume collagen from animal sources our bodies break this down into a series of amino acids to then rebuild collagen proteins.

We have carefully curated a plant-based alternative that encourages the bodies natural collagen production pathways. Our Collagen Builder is a blend of the specific amino acids needed for collagen production, alongside added synergistic nutrients that encourage this natural process within our bodies. Our formula is comparable and in fact superior to some of the off the shelf animal-based collagens we tested, with regards to the amino acid profile.

Our Collagen Builder is the perfect option for those who want to experience the benefits of collagen supplementation without compromising the environment or animal welfare.

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