What is a pre-workout, what are the benefits?

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Pre-workouts are supplements used to boost energy and optimize performance. These should be consumed 20-30 minutes prior to exercise.  

Vivo Life’s Pre-Workout contains functional ingredients that have been identified to optimize performance, when consumed prior to exercise.  

For a deep dive on our Pre-Workout and its functional ingredients, check out this article.

 Beetroot Extract:  

·        Beetroot Extract contains high nitrates, which convert to nitric oxide which increases oxygen in the blood.  

·        Improves blood flow, increases vasodilation, which improves oxygen consumption within the cells, enhancing physical performance.  

·        Decreases blood pressure. 

B Vitamin Blend:  

·        Aids with energy production and metabolism.  

·        Synthesizes fatty acids and cholesterol and glycogen for energy.  

·        It produces red and white blood cells.  

·        Protects central nervous system. 

·        Converts nutrients into energy.  

·        Aids in tissue repair and maturation of red blood cells.  

Natural Caffeine from Guarana Extract (11% Caffeine)  

·        Increases alertness – improving athletic performance.  

·        Less side effects from naturally sourced caffeine product.  

L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 

·        - Enhances removal of ammonia, which contributes to muscle fatigue 

·        - increases energy production 

·        - Boosts nitric oxide production, which enhances blood flow to muscles, improving their recovery and function.  

 The main function of Pre-Workout is to boost energy and optimize performance. The functional ingredients can aid with improving oxygen consumption and blood flow. Increasing energy production, and reducing fatigue. 


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