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The goal of a multinutrient is simple. Unlike single-serving supplements, a multi contains a wide variety of essential vitamins & minerals in a single dose. Multinutrients are designed to give your body the raw nutrients it needs to stay healthy for many years to come.

Why do you need a multinutrient?

Unfortunately, the quality of our soil and produce has been decreasing over the last century.

One of the main reasons why food has fewer nutrients these days is because the soil it grows in is often overworked and used repeatedly to grow high-yield crops. This depletes the soil of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When the soil lacks these nutrients, it becomes harder for plants to absorb them, and as a result, the plants don’t grow as well or produce as many nutrients as they would under the right conditions. By taking a high-quality multinutrient, you can ensure that your diet contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need that might be difficult to get from food. A whole foods diet high in plants should be the focus of your health concerns but taking a multinutrient is an effective and affordable way to fill in any gaps in your nutrition caused by soil depletion.

While a properly planned plant-based diet can provide nearly all of the necessary nutrients for good health, most vegans will benefit from taking a multinutrient supplement. This is because certain nutrients can be more challenging to obtain from a vegan diet, such as vitamin B12, and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. Omnivores tend to have higher levels of these nutrients because they eat animal products, however, animal products only contain these ingredients due to receiving supplementation.

If you’re on a plant-based diet you want to ensure your multinutrient contains high doses of essential vitamins and minerals in the proper forms (including B12). Our Vegan Multinutrient contains 11 key vitamins and minerals including calcium, B12, D3 and zinc in forms that are easy to absorb, and in just the right dosages.

Our Vegan Multinutrient has been formulated based on more than 80 pages of scientific literature to create the most balanced and comprehensive multinutrient on the market.

It is also third party tested for quality and accuracy, to ensure that all claims on the packaging are entirely accurate and all nutrients are provided in safe and synergistic dosages.

Our Multinutrients are in size 0 capsules so are easy to swallow.

Simply take one capsule twice a day, and feel confident that you’re giving your body what it needs. Try it today!

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