Why aren’t your products certified Organic?

Georgina Roberts Updated by Georgina Roberts

All our ingredients are grown without herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, however, a product can only be certified as 'organic' if all ingredients are on the approved list of the organic certifying body. As our products use some very innovative ingredients, such as bio-fermented pea protein and plant based BCAAs, these ingredients cannot be certified as 'organic' as there is no written criteria for them by the certifiers simply due to the fact that they are very new on the market! So technically, we are not able to carry the Organic certification. We are hoping this changes soon, but rest assured that these ingredients are all grown without herbicides and pesticides and are rigorously checked for heavy metals, impurities and contaminants at source.

This is also why we founded VGanic™ - our brand promise that goes beyond organic for your health, for the planet, and for the animals. The VGanic™ logo can be found on all our products and can guarantee that your products are: 100% vegan, ethically and sustainably sourced, non-GMO, grown without herbicides and pesticides, and backed by science.

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