Are the nutrients in All-In-One naturally derived?

Kat Hoyle Updated by Kat Hoyle

The majority of the vitamins and minerals found in All-In-One come from whole food natural sources. Research shows that nutrients in their whole food natural form are more bioavailable than their synthesized counterparts. We use a buckwheat vitamin and mineral base. The vitamins and minerals are infused into the buckwheat seeds and the buckwheat becomes a growth medium, the seeds are then germinated and then the nutrient infused buckwheat is blended into a powder. We use magnesium from Irish sea water and calcium is algae derived. The Vitamin D3 is also from algae and the plant based K2 is derived from soy, however the fermentation process it undergoes means no soy is present in the finished product.  The Vitamin C is from Acerola cherry which is the most potent natural source of vitamin C on the planet. The carbohydrates come from the vegetable blend and the fats from MCT oil, hemp and flax. The protein is a blend of bio-fermented pea, cold pressed hemp and quinoa protein. The only vitamin that is not naturally derived is B12, as it is unfortunately not possible to source natural B12 due to over farming almost obliterating it from nature. Our B12 is synthesized and is in the most bioavailable form of Methylcobalamin.

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