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You asked, we listened! Our long awaited Vivo Life Plant Protein Bar is here, launching in two delicious flavours: Lemon Cashew and Cacao Orange.

Perfect for when you are on the go, our plant protein bar is made of the same high quality, plant based, whole food ingredients that make up all our products. We wanted to create a bar that was free from preservatives, chemicals and other hard to pronounce ingredients, so that even when you are on the move you can still enjoy delicious treats, without compromising on quality.

Each bar contains 16g of plant-based protein, we use pea protein to provide an optimal amino acid profile. Protein itself is a satiating macro-nutrient, meaning it satisfies your hunger optimally. More common snack bars favour higher carbohydrate content and have lower protein, which can sometimes lead to a big blood glucose spike and then a shortly following crash, particularly if they contain a lot of refined sugar. We have designed our snack bar to provide long lasting hunger cure opposed to a short-lived sugar fix.

Our plant protein snack bar is made of real, whole food ingredients. The base is a nut and seed blend, namely cashews, almonds and hemp hearts, with the addition of macadamia nuts in the Lemon and Cashew flavour. It goes without saying, that this product is not suitable for those who have a nut allergy. The nuts and seeds provide essential healthy fats (16-17g per bar) and micro-nutrients, as well as being the foundation for the bar.

On top of the lovely natural flavour of the nuts and seeds we use whole food ingredients like Peruvian Cacao powder, and high quality food grade essential oils of lemon and orange. To sweeten we have used dates and concentrated grape juice. The Lemon Cashew flavour has a zingy lemony freshness which cuts through the flavour of the cashew and other nuts nicely, whereas the Cacao Orange has a lovely richness with the classic combination of chocolate and orange.

Our new Plant Protein bars can be enjoyed at anytime where you are in need of a convenient, healthy snack. The bar would also make a great post workout snack with a balanced macronutrient profile of 16g protein, 20g carbohydrate and 16g of healthy fats. A balanced post workout snack can help to prevent muscle catabolism (breakdown of muscle for energy) after exercise.

Important information on allergens

Vivo Life’s production until now has been entirely nut (and all allergen) free. To ensure that there is no potential for cross contamination of nuts and our other product lines, we manufacture the plant protein bars off site with specialized manufacturers. The manufacturers do handle other allergens at their facility but have strict allergen handling processes, cross contamination rules, and allergen cleaning processes/results, all of which align with our own strict protocols and quality standards.

The bars arrive packaged and boxed to us in Glastonbury HQ, where we already have allergen control practices in place to ensure the allergen free status of our products. We have introduced new plant protein bar specific allergen control practices to ensure there is no cross contamination. These include segregation of the bars from our other products in the warehouse, they have their own designated area that can be controlled. When the bars arrive the outer packaging is swabbed before the boxes are cleared to be stored in the warehouse.


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