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Our products are predominantly made and flavoured with natural whole food ingredients. We use fruit and vegetable powders in our products to give them their individual rich flavour profiles. We pride ourselves on creating delicious, natural products that celebrate and showcase the abundance of healthful wealth that nature offers.

We know that fruit and vegetables offer an abundance of phytonutrients that have positive implications for all aspects of health. Many studies have explored the potential of fruit and vegetable concentrate powders and their comparability to their whole food sources. This research has largely been fueled by lack of whole food resources in some areas and populations, as well as the unavoidable need for convenience and ease of access for fruit and vegetable sourced nutrients amongst society. Fruit and vegetable powders are thought to provide useful phytonutrients when consumed, although they do not contain the dietary fiber that the whole fruit or vegetable would contain. Our products all have a fiber content, which replicates the fiber content of the whole fruit and aids digestion and absorption of the phytonutrients.

We use many different fruit and vegetable powders in our products, different types for different flavours. All contribute to the flavour profile and often micronutrient profile of the products. Each fruit or vegetable of course has its own unique properties.

How are fruit powders made?

Processes will always vary from time to time, but generally fruit and vegetable powders will be freeze dried. Freeze drying fruit and vegetables has been around since the 1970’s, when economic circumstances led to the need to preserve the life of nutrient dense foods. The process the following steps:

·        Fruit and vegetables are sourced from carefully selected suppliers that meet quality standards.

·        Fruit and vegetables are frozen to below 0 degrees.

·        The frozen fruit and vegetables are placed into a vacuum chamber where low level heat is applied, a process called “sublimination” occurs here which is where frozen water crystals evaporate directly from ice to water vapor. This process is then repeated once more to ensure all water is removed.

·        The freeze-dried fruit and vegetables are then quality checked and packaged in moisture and air proof packaging to preserve freshness and nutrient density.


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