Why is my Vegan Multinutrient discoloured?

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If you have found some discoloration or change in smell of your Vegan Multinutrient, please be assured that the safety or effectiveness of the product has not changed. Due to the nature of the product (no nasties like preservatives!), it can be affected by the environment in which it is kept, particularly if the environment is humid and/or warm.

Most, if not all, nutrient capsules on the market would also suffer the same fate, if they did not contain chemical preservatives and stabilisers, but that’s not how we do things at Vivo Life!

The discoloration and change in smell can be avoided or minimised by sticking to these guidelines.

·   Keeping the product in a dry, cool place. Avoid bathrooms, the fridge or kitchen cupboards, as these will no doubt incur temperature and humidity fluctuations.

·   Keeping the product pouch sealed, perhaps even using a peg for extra assurance. Make sure to apply extra pressure along the seal to ensure it is closed.

·   Consider keeping the pouch on a bedside table, the extra benefit to this is you will remember to take it!

·   Keep the little brown Micro-Pak Dri Clay Kraft pack in the pouch!

The brown packet is Micro-Pak Dri Clay Kraft. It is a desiccant made from high-quality bentonite clay that is 100% natural, plastic-free and biodegradable. This Micro-Pak absorbs the moisture in the package so the product should not be affected by moisture. Ensure you keep this little packet in the pouch until you finish using the product.

We understand that these extra things make the product use a little more complicated. But we feel it is a small price to pay in order to avoid the use of chemical stabilisers and preservatives (something that we would never do).We have carried out extensive third-party testing throughout all stages of this products life, development and right through the last few years of the product being sold. The results of this testing assure us of the products safety and efficacy despite the potential humidity impact.

Here at Vivo Life we are always developing our existing products (as well as new ones) and we hope to find a natural way to reduce humidity impact on the multi nutrient capsule, but in the meantime please be assured that the product is just as effective and safe to use, and make sure to follow the above guidelines to look after your multinutrient like it looks after you!

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