Are Vivo Life Nut (allergen) Free? YES!

Georgina Roberts Updated by Georgina Roberts

Here at Vivo Life we take allergens very seriously, we want our products to be loved and used by all!

All products that we manufacture at our Glastonbury site (all the powders) are 100% allergen free. We have strict allergen control measures and are BRC audited to ensure we meet the high standards that we set and hold ourselves to. We only work with ingredient suppliers who can themselves provide evidence of allergen controls.

All our protein powders, vitamin blends, Magic range, liquid range, and solo ingredient products are 100% allegen free.

Our newest product, the plant Protein Bar does contain nuts. We do not manufacture the bars on site, but work with a manufacturer that understands and embodies our strict allergen protocols. They are manufactured, sealed and packaged off site before making their way to us in Glastonbury.

Once they arrive, the bars are stored in a designated area of the site reserved only for the bars. They do not come into contact with any of our other products. They are not allowed to be opened under any circumstances in the factory.

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