USA - Why am I charged additional tax on my order?

Georgina Roberts Updated by Georgina Roberts

As you may know, we manufacture all of our products in the UK in our manufacturing facility. This gives us full control over every ingredient that goes into our products and ensures we can continue to deliver the highest quality, third party tested plant-based supplements on the market. 

We then ship these products to our warehouse in the USA to ensure our quality standards are exactly the same stateside – rather than white labelling (like almost every other supplement brand!) 

As Vivo Life has grown in the USA we have now hit a threshold that requires us to process state tax on all orders shipped into various states. This is not due to any changes we have made, it is simply a state requirement that we are fulfilling. 

So your orders will be processed at the usual selling price, with the additional local state tax applied automatically at the point of purchase. 

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