What's the benefit to subscribing?

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Our subscription service is the easiest way to make sure you are always stocked with your favourite Vivo Life products! It's totally flexible and you have freedom to tailor your subscription to your personal needs. Here's some cool things about our subscription service!

🌿 Orders can be shipped at the shipment interval set by you, from 1 week up to every 12 weeks.

🌿 Your order will arrive at your door at regular intervals, so no need to worry about re-ordering!

🌿 You can log in and skip/change dates if you don't need an order at that time.

🌿 If you want to try a new flavour, its easy to log in and switch it up!

🌿 You can easily add or remove products to your subscription.

🌿 Cool "My Account" portal making it easy to navigate and make changes.

🌿 If you need a break or change your mind you can cancel at any time.

🌿 Oh, and as a thank you we give you an exclusive discount of 15% off all products!

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