What is the difference between All-In-One Meal and Supergreens?

Kat Hoyle Updated by Kat Hoyle

Supergreens is a greens powder that has a large percentage of your essential nutrients per serving. It does not have a macronutrient (carbs/protein/fats) profile other than the trace amounts present from the whole food ingredients. The micronutrient profile of All-In-One is not as complete as Supergreens. Some of the nutrients in All-In-One are only present at 30% of the recommended daily amount (RDA). This is because All-In-One is designed to be a base to add to a nutritious smoothie and is not meant to cover you for your entire RDA of each mineral. All-In-One also does not contain all the nutrients that Supergreens does! Supergreens was designed to be more of a “cover all bases” blend as it has a larger percentage of your RDA for a lot of the essential vitamins and minerals. The two products, if both incorporated into your daily routine, would be an amazing addition to your whole foods plant based diet.

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